How To Change The Refrigerator Rubber 

Keeping the rubber of the refrigerator in good condition is important as it prevents losses of cold air and also the entry of heat into the refrigerator. The rubber is located around the door of the refrigerator and is essential because if it is in poor condition, the cold air will escape, and the food could not be stored properly.

When to change the rubber of the refrigerator?

It must be changed if it is broken or damaged, for this check with the following steps:

  • Lateral opening. Carefully pull the rubber, if there are spaces between it and the rubber, a replacement is necessary.
  • Place a bill or paper between the refrigerator and the door and close it. If when trying to open the door again it is a little hard, the rubber works correctly, if on the contrary the door opens easily and the ticket is wet, it is necessary to change the gasket.
  • If an air leak is heard when the refrigerator door is closed.
  • If cracks or fissures are appreciated.
  • If the rubber has mold or moisture.

How to change the refrigerator seal?It is important to know how the rubber of the refrigerator is fixed since there are models that have the gasket attached, others are fixed by screws, and in others, it can be easily removed by a pull.

First of all, we must disconnect the refrigerator from the outlet, unscrew the hinges of the refrigerator, remove the door and place it on a flat surface that allows us to work comfortably.

Now that we can manoeuvre with the door, we just have to carefully pull one end of the rubber, in the case that it is fastened with screws, we must unscrew and save them from replacing them later.

Before placing the rubber, it is advisable to soak it in hot water to soften and be more flexible. To place the new joint, it is easier to start placing it from a reference angle and then lock it in the other. Supposing:

  • The board is screwed, we must choose a corner and from that place and screw the rest of the corners.
  • The joint is not screwed; we just have to slide and fit the corner.

So, if your tire is over, there is a solution to repair it yourself. With the fridge closed, use a hairdryer for a few seconds to enlarge the hose where needed and to fill in the gaps. At the same time, you need to push the refrigerator door. The heat from the hairdryer will help the hose to get the right shape so that it fits properly into the door and does not enter hot air. Also, another tip to better hangs the refrigerator door is Vaseline.

Extra Tip: To clean your refrigerator hose make a mixture of one part vinegar, one part baking soda and two parts water. Stir it and clean with this rubber and using a cotton swab will remove any trace of mould or food residue.

Once installed, we replace the refrigerator door fitting the hinges. To help this set better, we can apply talcum powder. Finally, we leave the door closed for at least an hour to verify that the rubber has been fixed correctly.

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